Attractive & Affordable Carbon Fiber Wallet From TungstenW

The TungstenW Biometric wallet is the premium choice in luxury, cash-carrying technology. They are perfect for travel, the wallet is even large enough to hold jewelry, keys or other valuables, but small enough to fit in your shirt, jacket or pants pocket. The TungstenW is produced by Aegis Innovations, a privacy company that utilizes cutting-edge technology to protect your tangible and intangible personal property. They provide exclusive marketing and sales of the TungstenW biometric wallets. The sleek hard-cased, tamper-resistant Carbon Fiber Wallet is constructed of Carbon Fiber, a lightweight space age material that is five times stronger and two times stiffer than steel. The Biometric fingerprint reader keeps the contents secure and private and easily pairs with any Bluetooth enabled cell phone to trigger a notification alarm when the TungstenW travels approximately 10 feet from the owner’s cell phone ensuring you never leave your TungstenW wallet or cell phone behind. The radio frequency identification (RFID) theft protection prevents thieves from scanning any credit cards, passports and ID cards that contain RFID chips.

The TungstenW Carbon fiber biometric wallet is hard-cased and tamper resistant. The case is made of carbon fiber , a light weight space age material that is five times stronger and two times stiffer than steel. First used in the aircraft industry, it is increasingly being utilized in many high tech products. The carbon fiber wallet was the single product that spawned the idea for this firm. The wallets feature 3K twill weave carbon fiber and high quality black leather with silver threads. Wallets usually measures 9.5cm x 11.5cm. These wallets have 9 credit card slots including 1 transparent window for easy ID check with 2 large cash pockets for cash, check or receipts, 2 hidden slots under the 9 slots. These fit all currency sizes. Carbon fiber wallet features black leather with black stitching. This wallet is top notch quality, made with real carbon fiber and high quality leather. They are very durable, and will last years upon years. Nicely stitched in soft, black leather and the carbon fiber is coated and flexible so it feels comfortable in your pocket. Carbon Wallet includes Inside flap with clear vinyl cover for easy ID check. These Genuine carbon fiber and leather wallet looks amazing. Not only is this a quality product, but it definitely grabs the attention of anyone looking in your direction. This slim carbon fiber bi-fold wallet comes with 9 credit card slots, and 1 ID / Driver license slot. It also has 2 currency slots with a divider.

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